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Corporate Directory

    Mission Statement

    • CBYD's Mission Statement
      "Provide communication and education to improve safety when excavating."
      - Call Before You Dig, Inc.


    • Tom Bashaw, Vice President of Operations
      Iroquois Gas Transmission
    • Dean Muratori, Director - Grant Procurements
    • Joseph Ryzewski, Vice-President Administration
      United Illuminating
    • Bret Factora, President
      Eversource Gas
    • Robert Dobmeier, Treasurer
      City of Middletown
    • Derek Brown, Vice President of Damage Prevention & Education
      Connecticut Dept. of Transportation
    • Beth Bannister, Secretary, Chairman Operations Committee
      Fibertech Networks

    The Board

    • Tom Rzasa
      Kinder Morgan
    • Bradley Franzese
      Algonquin Gas Transmission/Spectra Energy
    • Jack Alia
      Buckeye Partners, LLC
    • Rich Sawitzke
      Town of Simsbury
    • Rick Hurlburt
      Greater New Haven WPCA
    • James Ehr
      Frontier Communications
    • Pat Moran
      Regional Water Authority
    • Robert Ross
      Connecticut Water Company
    • Wayne Gagnon, Asst. Treasurer
      Eversource Energy
    • Derek Brown
      Department of Transportation
    • Dennis Violette
      Metropolitan District Commission
    • Dwight Edwards
      Connecticut Natural Gas
    • Beth Bannister
      Lightower Fiber Networks
    • Tom Bashaw
      Iroquois Pipeline Operating Company
    • Chris Holden
      City of Middletown
    • Bret Factora
      Eversource Gas Distribution
    • Al Hildred
      Aquarion Water Company of Connecticut
    • Joe Ryzewski
      The United Illuminating Company

    Committee Chairmen

    • Al Hildred
      Finance Committee Chairman/Nominating Committee Chairman
    • Dennis Violette
      Damage Prevention & Education Committee
    • Beth Bannister, Secretary, Chairman Operations Committee
      Fibertech Networks

    Associate Members

    • Richard Heidgerd - Deputy Fire Chief
      Town of Wallingford Department of Fire Services
    • Woody Mathers/Tim Arborio
    • Terry Sylvester
      On Target Utility Services
    • David Stavens/Mathew Hallisey
    • Anthony Ciriello, PE
      Milone & MacBroom
    • Ronald Nault, P.E.
      Luchs Consulting Engineers, LLC

    CBYD Bookeeper

    • Jessie Mongillo

    Public Utilities Regulatory Authority

    • Daniel Nivison
      PURA Liaison & Incident Investigator 

    The CBYD Center

    • Stephen G. Rieben

    CBYD Staff

    • Lorie
    • Michele
    • Teresa
    • Connie
    • Laura
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