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DIAL 811 or 1-800-922-4455


Incoming email is not continuously monitored. While we do our very best to respond to your email requests immediately, we may not always be able to do so. We welcome general questions via email, but for time sensitive requests please call the CBYD Center directly at 800-922-4455.

The Bookkeeper in the Billing Department works on a part-time basis. Please allow one (1) week for a response to inquiries. Thanks for your cooperation.

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  • 1-800-922-4455 or 811 or Apply Online

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The State of Connecticut Department of Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) is in no way affiliated with Call Before You Dig, Inc. PURA is a State Agency authorized to levy fines for non-compliance of CBYD regulatory violations. CBYD assumes no position, advocating or deterring, PURA warnings, investigations or civil penalties accessed to alleged violators. Information relative to PURA is posted as a courtesy only.

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