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News & Events E-Ticket Tips and Tricks #2

Below are the latest installments of our Tips and Tricks news items.

Useful Tip #3: Update your username after you register as a new user - When you first register to use the e-ticket service, an email is sent to you with a temporary username and password which only lasts 72 hours. Make sure you update this as soon as you receive the email regarding your registration.

Useful Tip #4: Provide detailed remarks about your work site -  Always make sure that any remarks provided detail your activity and anything relevant to help Utilities locate your site and mark out the required area. 

Useful Tip #5Your map drawing is not your Pre-Mark: By drawing on the map you are helping us work out which Utilities need to be notified and also help illustrate the dimensions of your work site to Utilities that are receiving the maps with their notification. You are still required by Law to pre-mark your work site in white paint.

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