Online Excavator Course Elevates Call Before You Dig Training Accessibility

Hamden, Connecticut – October 15, 2020. PelicanCorp today announced the launch of EducationAccess, an eLearning program for Connecticut’s Call Before You Dig (CBYD) 811 service. CBYD worked in partnership with PelicanCorp to develop a high-quality eLearning experience. This will allow CBYD to offer superior damage prevention training to the state of Connecticut and provide it in a format that is easy to navigate, highly engaging, and information rich.

“We’re very excited to launch EducationAccess,” said Derek J. Brown, Vice President, Damage Prevention & Education, Call Before You Dig, Inc. “A PHMSA grant has allowed us to work with PelicanCorp to create a convenient online educational platform that is accessible to everyone.”

In keeping with its mission to provide easily accessible education to improve safety when excavating, the new online course modernizes CBYD’s traditionally classroom-based excavator education course by providing learners easy access to a self-paced online course.

EducationAccess is a very comprehensive online training module that is available to all stakeholders, from homeowners to excavators,” said Brown. “Please help us spread the great news that EducationAccess is available, free to use, for everyone. Upon completion of the training a certificate will be issued to provide documentation of successful completion.”

The Excavator Education Course covers a wide range of information. It includes the CBYD process, excavation planning, excavation best practices, and Connecticut rules and regulations. Online education is the future and users can access the excavator education course now via a self-registration page found on CBYD’s website.

“Having a formal, online training resource is a huge advantage for Connecticut’s Call Before You Dig (CBYD) program,” said Stephen G. Rieben, PelicanCorp GM, USA. “EducationAccess provides individuals a unique opportunity to learn about OneCall rules, regulations, and safe digging practices. The online education program ensures that a consistent message is delivered to all users. The straightforward, interactive presentation is not only engaging but provides certification upon successful completion of the curriculum. What better way to enhance a professional excavator’s resume?”

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About Connecticut’s CBYD

Call Before You Dig, Inc., (CBYD) is a state regulated, nonprofit organization comprised of all public utilities and municipalities within the State of Connecticut. The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) oversees CBYD. The organization is administered by a board of annually elected directors representing various public and private utilities. The purpose of CBYD is to function as a statewide, OneCall notification system providing excavators, including the general public, with the ability to inform multiple owners and operators of underground facilities during proposed excavations. Learn more at

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PelicanCorp is the Global Leader in Damage Prevention Solutions built specifically for the protection of essential infrastructure. PelicanCorp connects people, applications, and devices through a unified platform to help industry professionals manage risk and build quality projects—safely, on time, and within budget. PelicanCorp has a diversified business model built on 40 years of experience protecting billions of dollars of global assets. PelicanCorp is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with offices and operations around the globe. Learn more at or follow PelicanCorp on LinkedIn.

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