Home Owner

Homeowners and landowners planning home excavation projects. Examples include installing a pool or underground storm shelter, putting up a fence, planting a tree or a garden, or installing a sprinkler system.

The most important first step! Always contact CBYD before work begins so underground utilities are located and marked. Smart, safe digging is no accident.

E-Ticket is a free service that allows you the convenience of applying for Call Before You Dig tickets online, without the aid of a Customer Service Representative. E-Ticket users enjoy these benefits:

Digging responsibly is the only way to dig. The impact of unsafe or careless digging practices is real and often costly – in terms of personal injury and damage to underground utility lines, property and the environment. What’s more, calling CBYD before you dig is the law in Connecticut.

cIn keeping with its mission to “provide…education to improve safety when excavating,” CBYD is proud to offer the excavating community a convenient, self-paced safety course. The Excavator Education Course covers a wide range of information including the CBYD process, excavation planning, excavation best practices, and Connecticut rules and regulations. After completion of the course and exam learners will receive a certificate acknowledging their successful completion. New learners can access the course by clicking the button below.

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