Design & Survey

Planning a project but not ready to dig yet?
Need to coordinate with underground utility owners for your project?
Use CBYD’s Design & Survey tool!

The Design & Survey tool allows you to submit your proposed project information to possible affected underground utilities for planning or design. 

It instantly provides you with contact information for each utility to be used for that purpose.

By submitting a Design & Survey request, it sends your project information to possible affected utilities of your planned work, so please be sure to include as much detail as possible about the scope and location of your planned project on your request.

It is then your responsibility to follow up with the utilities directly to coordinate planning by contacting the phone numbers provided on your request.

**Please note: Design & Survey is NOT an excavation ticket. When you are ready to excavate, you will need to enter in a CBYD E-ticket and wait the required time in accordance with Connecticut law and regulations for utilities to respond**

The data presented in this Design & Survey application is the most recent registered public utility coverage area provided to Call Before You Dig, Inc. Call Before You Dig assumes no responsibility for errors, omissions or accuracy of the content related to this application.