Privacy Statement


Privacy regarding Electronic Mark-Out Requests

Call Before You Dig, Inc. provides a communication link between excavators and the owners and operators of buried utility facilities. The system allows excavators, property owners and other users of the mark-out system  (collectively, “Users”) to request a mark-out of all buried utility structures in the vicinity of a dig site. Users should expect that the facility owners and operators (utility companies) will receive any and all information provided about the property and utilities in each mark-out request, to enable identification of buried utilities and to facilitate communication between the facility owners and operators, and those excavating around them.

With the exception of what is required to assist the mark-out request process, Call Before You Dig, Inc. does not sell, lease, or otherwise "give out" the email, phone, mailing addresses or other identifying information of its Users. Call Before You Dig, Inc. may occasionally use such information itself, for the purpose of furthering its mission of damage prevention; examples would include distributing newsletters, safety and educational meeting invitations, “Call Before You Dig” reminder items or other uses that directly relate to the promotion of facility damage prevention.

Call Before You Dig, Inc. may release and or produce data indicating whether a specific excavation may have had a corresponding mark-out request, along with any potential mark-out requests that might pertain to the actual mark-out request in question. Typically, this data is produced at the request of the User, a member utility, any of their agents, or other entity when a damaged facility is being investigated.

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Call Before You Dig, Inc. also reminds you that If you post or send offensive, inappropriate or objectionable content anywhere on or to Call Before You Dig, Inc. website, or otherwise engage in any disruptive behavior on these websites, Call Before You Dig Inc. may use your personal information to stop such behavior.


Privacy regarding Telephony Assets

Users should expect all telephone communications made to, or originating from, Call Before You Dig, Inc. to be recorded. These recordings are routinely reviewed for quality of service, and any call might be used at any time for training. The recordings also provide documentation to ensure that data was accurately transcribed and transmitted from Users to facility owners and operators and may be used as evidence in connection with a determination of liability should a claim arise. Further, Users should expect all telephone communications made to, or originating from, Call Before You Dig, Inc. to be public.

Specific recordings can be requested by the excavator, a member utility, their agent, or other entity when a damaged facility is being investigated. Be aware that there is a fee associated with providing this information.

This privacy policy may be updated from time to time so you may wish to check it each time you submit personal information to Call Before You Dig, Inc. website.