A collection of resources to assist with your damage prevention efforts and use of the CBYD service.

BEFORE YOU DIG - Calling 811 is the most important step!

In the State of Connecticut, it is the law to contact CBYD prior to any excavation involving mechanized or powered equipment. The laws and regulations regarding excavation are in place to protect utility assets, but most importantly to protect the people excavating. Connecticut’s “Call Before You Dig” (CBYD) program is effective, FREE and the law. Be responsible and contact CBYD for the safety of the community, the safety of the local utilities and your own safety!

A detailed list of emergency contacts for the Connecticut Utilities.

The data presented in this Design & Survey application is the most recent registered public utility coverage area provided to Call Before You Dig, Inc. Call Before You Dig assumes no responsibility for errors, omissions or accuracy of the content related to this application.

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A detailed list of emergency contacts for the Connecticut Utilities.

A comprehensive guide to assist homeowners through the safe excavation processes in Connecticut.

The following is a list of private locating companies. The companies listed here are not agents, employees or contractors of CBYD. CBYD provides this list only as a courtesy and does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of this list or any other aspect of these contractors’ services.

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CBYD Toolbox Talks are designed as quick training tools for use by excavator’s safety or management personnel to have brief but meaningful discussions about safe excavation practices.

These talks are based on real incidents that have occurred in Connecticut or significant incidents elsewhere in the country.

For questions or additional training, contact Sean Morris of PURA at (860) 827‐2888.

cbyd resources reports forms 400x300CBYD provide public documentation on our operations.

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