E-Ticket is a free service that allows you the convenience of applying for Call Before You Dig tickets online, without the aid of a Customer Service Representative. E-Ticket users enjoy these benefits:

  • Immediate processing from your own PC
  • Available 24/7
  • Ideal for multiple tickets. Duplicate information from your first ticket carries over to the next, saving time.
  • Record keeping is made easy with an emailed confirmation of your CBYD ticket number, start date/time, and notified utilities.

The CBYD interactive website allows users with a password to enter the following:

Dig Location Requests or E-Tickets:

  • Routine Tickets
  • Emergency Tickets
  • Renewal Of Tickets
  • Viewing a History of Your Tickets
  • Researching Tickets
  • Updating your Account
  • Configuring default ticket settings
  • Retrieving Confirmations of Previous Tickets

E-Ticket Entry Requirements:

To assist utility locators, please be specific with type of work and location of work, adding pertinent details under the “Remarks” section.

START DATE: Routine: 2 full working days NOT to include the day the E-Ticket is submitted. If E-Tickets are submitted after 11:59 p.m., the start date is one day later. For example, if an E-Ticket is submitted on Monday, the first legal start date is Thursday. If an E-Ticket is submitted after 11:59 p.m. on a Monday, the legal start date is Friday.

EXCAVATOR DOING WORK: Your registered details will be listed here by default for each ticket. If you are not the excavator, please key in the name of the Company actually doing the work.
Please read and accept the Terms and Conditions set forth and submit to CBYD your acknowledgement.

Quick Guide to New Online Users

The following quick guide will help you get online and working faster than ever before.

1. Go Online and Register

Contractors and Homeowners can now go to and get a user registration. This will be different from your Contractor Number (if you have one from CBYD's old system). The registration process will require some information from you so that we can provide updates on tickets or allow utilities to communicate with you directly. Follow the steps in the registration process and you are nearly there.

2. You are Ready!

Once you have successfully logged in or have gone through the registration process you will arrive at the Start Console. You can now start a new Ticket, view past Tickets and manage your registration information with Call Before You Dig. From here you can also set defaults to help speed up your ticket entry process.

3. Describe your ticket

Now we need to know the details of your job. The dates you are working, the nature of the work and the urgency of the ticket. We also need to understand any particulars of the type of work you are doing and how you intend to complete the work. All of this helps the Utilities determine how to best help you in completing your project safely.

4. Map Your Ticket

Importantly we need to understand where the work is being done. You can do this now by searching for a location and then drawing on the map. Make sure that the address information in the "Confirm Your Dig Site" section accurately relates to the area you dene on the map. You can also provide any additional notes to help Utilities understand your project and the location you are working.

5. Confirmation

Once you submit your ticket you will see a list of Utilities that will be notified. They may contact you directly to clarify anything about your ticket or to coordinate when the utility locates will be completed. Shortly after you have completed the ticket either online or through our Call Center you will receive a confirmation of the ticket which will include the Utilities we have noticed and the Ticket Number.  If you have placed a ticket through the call center, be sure to review the ticket details for accuracy upon receipt, and contact the center ASAP if you notice any errors.


Make sure you follow Connecticut State Laws for all excavations! Do not commence work until all utilities have either marked their facilities or have contacted you directly! If you damage an underground Public Utility you MUST advise them immediately!  If you enter an Emergency ticket online via E-Ticket OR by phone, YOU are required to call the utilities on your ticket directly!