The efforts of Call Before You Dig, Inc. (CBYD) are being observed during National Safe Digging Month in April and recognized with an official Governor’s Proclamation.

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Connecticut-statewide information-Hamden, CT-(March 30, 2021)-The efforts of Call Before You Dig, Inc. (CBYD) are being observed during National Safe Digging Month in April and recognized with an official Governor’s Proclamation.

Call Before You Dig, Inc. wants to remind Connecticut residents and companies that conduct excavation work using power or mechanized equipment that state law mandates that they notify Call Before You Dig by logging onto their website,, for an “e-ticket” or by calling 811 two (2) full working days prior to starting any work. It’s the law and it’s free.

Landscaping and construction projects resume in April every year. With more residents working from home through the pandemic, more home DIY projects are underway. Digging projects can bring the danger of exposure to hits on vital public utility lines with them. Digging without knowing what is below the surface risks property damage, injury and even death.

CBYD is a non-profit corporation that is responsible for operating a call center in Hamden to handle excavation notifications as well as making the public aware of the danger of digging blindly. The organization is comprised of a clearinghouse of owners and operators of underground utility facilities since 1974, including gas, electric, water and communications companies to protect utilities and public safety. CBYD protects against the accidental digging up of buried facilities whenever excavation occurs in order to protect the public, decrease utility service disruptions, reduce the high cost of damage repairs and prevent injury or worse.

Anthony R. Willemain, the Call Before You Dig Center Manager, stated, “If you are digging with power or mechanized equipment, it is the law to “Call Before You Dig!” Even if you are excavating by hand, it is smart and safe to “Call Before You Dig!” April brings warm weather to Connecticut. Construction crews are gearing up for the dig season and homeowners are anxious to begin those outdoor projects. That is why April is “Call Before You Dig Month,” reminding everyone of the importance to know what’s below! Notify CBYD two working days in advance to have the location of buried utility pipes and cable lines located and marked out. Contact us at or call “811” to avoid digging accidents.”

CBYD's mission is to "Provide communication and education to improve safety when excavating”. Examples of projects requiring an eticket or a call to 811 would be: digging for a new pool, a mailbox, landscaping, planting trees, or a deck. Digging only a few inches can pose risks. CBYD provides guidelines in separate manuals for professional excavators and homeowners on its website, Homeowners or excavators can simply log on for an e-ticket or call 811 at no cost and the CBYD staff will guide people through the process.

April is a great time for excavators and homeowners to enroll in the free online education course, “EducationAccess”. The new online course modernizes CBYD’s traditionally classroom-based excavator education course by providing learners easy access to a selfpaced, convenient online course which covers a wide range of information including the CBYD process, excavation planning, excavation best practices, and Connecticut rules and regulations. After completion of the course and exam, learners will receive a certificate acknowledging their successful completion”. Users can access the excavator education course now via a self-registration page found on CBYD’s website here:

CBYD also has a user-friendly damage reporting tool on their website along with a user guide. Damage Access is a web-based tool that allows anyone to report both damages to underground utility facilities and violations of safe excavating practices that did not result in asset damage. Please see this link to Damage Access for more information: Positive Response is “an enhancement that allows excavators to see the status of their locate requests in advance of their start date”. It offers information such as who has finished locating their lines, if there are any facilities in conflict, and gives them a record of how the involved utilities responded to their locate requests with documentation added to their copy of the Call Before You Dig (CBYD811) ticket! For utilities that opt in, it will offer Reminders to report before work begins.

PURA, the State of Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority, provides governmental oversight to the CBYD program. They play the role of the enforcer for CBYD and excavators. If somebody violates the regulations, PURA will investigate it, conduct a hearing and possibly prosecute them with fines. The latest posted report for 2019 in April of 2020 shows 163 fines paid the previous year for a total of $457,950.00. Link:

Compliance with this law not only ensures the safety of people and property, it also protects excavators and people digging from fines and lawsuits. We all share responsibility for our safety. It’s free and it’s the law. If someone is unsure, please visit or make the call to 811 to learn how to dig safely. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Smart, safe digging is no accident!

Please visit for more information about 811 and the call-before-you-dig process.

CBYD National Safe Digging Month 2021